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I LOVE the classic Kong toy! It is the first item I recommend to all my pet parents. Kong toys can be found in pretty much every chain pet store and online everyhwere. It’s a multi-tasker! These come in many different sizes, colors and durableness. A very soft textured pink and blue for puppies, red for normal chewing and black for your power chewers. Even better, Kong toys are sourced and manufactured in the U.S.A. and made of dishwasher-safe, dog safe, nontoxic rubber. As with all toys, you want to keep an eye them the first few times you give this to your dog to see if it will be appropriate to leave with your pup unsupervised.

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Unfortunately, when it’s mealtime, most dogs inhale their food within seconds! One of my favorite things to do is fill a Kong with their kibble instead of feeding their usual meals in a boring bowl.  There is a multitude of recipes to stuff your Kong with that you can find online, Pinterest has a ton! I personally don’t think to get super in-depth and fancy is necessary but great fun for a special occasion. My favorite thing is to mix low/no sodium organic bone broth with their kibble, let it sit and get slightly puffy, gently scoop a little into the Kong toy and freeze. I always suggest having a few in the freezer at all times so you have them to offer your pups at any time!!! The meal that took a mere 30 seconds to inhale in a bowl might take them anywhere around 15-20 minutes of fun times to eat. Also, a frozen Kong might feel wonderful on a teething puppies gums. Hopefully, they will enjoy chewing on this toy instead of focusing so much on your hands and feet.

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Using the kong can give them much needed mental stimulation as they figure out how to get their meal out of this rubbery, bobbing toy! It is very important to always consider size before you buy as you don’t want this to become a choking hazard. I often recommend to look for what you think is the appropriate size for your dog and purchase the next size bigger!

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