Goughnuts chew toys for your power chewer! I came across this brand when I was searching for long-lasting options for several POWER CHEWERS at my local shelter. After reading many positive reviews and finding out this product has an incredible lifetime GUARANTEE I decided to give this company’s toys a try! I also like the idea that these are made in the U.S.A. I purchased both the Stick toy and the Goughnut design to try. Both toys feel VERY durable and are pretty heavy. This is the Interactive Dog Stick MaXX50 Stick. MaXX Stick in Black & Pro 50 – Length 11.5 inches, Cross-section 2.1″ (Large dogs for play and moderate to heavy chewing). According to their site, this is Goughnuts #1 selling interactive toy.  The stick is being used by Police K9 units around the world. All the Goughnuts come in four colors yellow, green, orange and black. With the exception of the Pro-Black one, all the other colors float in water. GoughNuts LLC has a team of mechanical and polymer engineers present to study and understand how dogs bite their toys and the mechanisms behind their powerful jaws. The unique design has a patent-pending 2-layer visual safety layer. When the red shows inside the toy, the toy has been compromised and must be replaced. GoughNuts Original Ring is their flagship chew toy first designed in 2006.   The creator believed there was a need for a safer product and a need for a tougher more durable product.  The Original Ring design has no weak points.  The dog will grab the Ring in a different spot each time creating months and or years of power chewing.

Original GoughNuts toys come in different ranges, some softer, some stronger, some smaller, some bigger. Their range names are rather confusing and they should definitely work on that. Here are the highlights:

  • GoughNuts Green — extremely durable and resistant for most dogs
  • GoughNuts Black — hard and strong chew toys for intense chewers or strong breeds
  • GoughNuts Maxx/P50 — the toughest color that utilizes engineered carbon reinforcement (the top of the line!)

I am incredibly excited to try these since they have a reputation of being almost indestructible. Of course, I know NO toy is completely indestructible, however, these might come pretty close! I will give you all a follow up on how these fair with our power chewers! If they hold up I will be purchasing more for sure.

The following is technical information about this product from the Goughnuts site.

“…GoughNuts pet toys are designed to address the simple but serious issue of SAFETY.  The GoughNuts chew toys are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand.  Each GoughNuts Ring and or Stick has included in its design the GoughNuts patent pending visual safety indicator where Green/Black/Orange/Yellow means “Go” and Red means “Stop”.  

In order for the “Goughnuts Safety Indicator” to be functional the chew toy itself has to have real indestructible characteristics. This real indestructible characteristic will allow for enough time for the pet owner to be able to see a “Safety Indicating Color Change” before the chew toy’s safe integrity can be compromised. 

By implementing the GoughNuts visual indicator, pet owners can clearly see if the GoughNut’s integrity has been compromised. This indication will be clearly visible if the pet (typically a dog) chews from one color to the next. The basic colors are known throughout the world, “Green for Go” and “Red for Stop” are used as our first design.  As we expand into new colors on our rings and sticks, the “Red for Stop” will remain consistent. 

Our Safety Guarantee instruction states that if or when the pet chews through the outer thickness whereby the red indicating “Stop” color is seen, the pet owner should return the product to the manufacturer for replacement.  As stated above, if or when the red color is seen, this is an indication that the GoughNut design has been compromised and is no longer safe for the pet to use as a chew toy.

Virtually Indestructible – Many companies claim it, GoughNuts guarantees it.  Every GoughNuts toy has been designed by Mechanical and Polymer Engineers.  Understanding leverages that are present in the jaws of a dogs mouth and relying on 25 years of rubber technology experience has resulted in a nearly indestructible product.  If your pet can chew through the Green to expose the Red, GoughNuts will replace your toy.  Dogs that are capable of getting through the toy may be asked to be tracked for GoughNuts plan for continuous improvement. “

I will give a followup on how well these toys did with the shelter dogs.

02/2020: I want to follow up with letting you all know that these GoughNuts are AWESOME! We have had some SERIOUS POWER CHEWERS and both the stick and donut design are still fully functioning like new! I am SO IMPRESSED with how well these are doing in a shelter environment with some big chewers! I have recommended these to every client with a dog that has chewed through everything. If you have a powerful chewer I completely recommend giving this brand a try!!!

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