Potty Training Tip : Texture Preference

Photo credit Ilona Krijgsman

Before you begin to potty train your dog, think about where you want your dog to go to the bathroom. Meaning, when your pup is trained, where do you want them to go on a daily basis. Believe it or not, dogs develop texture preferences for where they go to the bathroom during the potty training process. If you want your dog to eventually go to the bathroom in your backyard, I recommend starting your training there. If your lifestyle allows you to have the time to take your puppy out to relieve themselves, this will help them learn to go to the bathroom outside and makes the whole process easier and more efficient. Your dog won’t have any confusion where to go if they start with only going outside on the grass instead of having to teach a transition from in the house on pads to outside on the grass. However, if you live in an apartment or highrise and potty pads are the mode of choice, remember that is likely they will learn to feel comfortable going to the bathroom on pads. This also means in the early stages, anything soft, plush and absorbent may feel similar and if not monitored closely, they may have accidents on your carpet. Furthermore, for those living in apartments and want to use the balcony for their toilet space, train it similarly to the yard scenario and take your pup out to a designated spot for praise and reinforcement. Be patient with your pups if you move and or suddenly have to change where they go to the bathroom. You might notice them having a hard time needing to relieve themselves on concrete, dirt, turf or whatever else is different and new since it probably feels pretty weird to them.

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