Photo Credit: Kyle Stehling

What is one of the BEST things to do within a few days after you bring a new puppy home? Playing with your new Puppy of course! Playing is the BEST way to build and strengthen your blooming relationship. 

Start by using appropriate TOYS from the beginning and avoid using your hands as your tools to engage with. It is far too easy to over stimulate our new friends if we too vigorously pet them, especially around the head. Since puppies have minimal impulse control, we want to help them be successful by preventing them from getting too excited every time we interact with them. Plus, your dog actually learns HOW to play with toys and at the same time learn to chew and bite on toys, NOT your hands, furniture, shoes et cetera. Teaching them to engage with toys is also a great segway into using them for future training! One of my personal favorite toys to play with all my dogs is ROPES! Using ropes is such an amazing tool to start teaching them how FUN it is to  interact with you and also great for giving them both mental and physical stimulation. Eventually, anything that you can throw becomes wonderful outdoor fun when your pup learns to fetch. Make sure to try differnt toys to see which your dog enjoys the most! 

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