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When using food as your reward while training your puppy, it is very easy to overfeed your dog when working with them multiple times a day. You want to be mindful that treats should not be more than 10% of your dog’s daily calories. For this reason, my favorite thing is to recommend using your pup’s kibble as a training reward. It empowers your dog’s food and allows you to train without worrying about feeding “excessive” calories since it will be from the meals you would currently be feeding. I will grab a handful of breakfast, lunch or dinner and work with that. You can then save the treats for when you see your dog is finding what you are working on more of a challenge! That yummier treat will make a great extra incentive for doing something more difficult! I like what I use for treats as clean and as close to real food as possible. My recommendation is to look for the one with the least amount of ingredients. If you find that you’re doing a lot of training that is requiring an excess of treats, simply reduce the amount of food at mealtime.

If you have a dog that will work for their kibble take advantage of that and have FUN training!

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