When To Start Training Your Puppy?

People often ask me when they should start training their puppies. I always inform them that the minute they bring their new family member home they already are! From the moment you begin to interact with your dog, you are already training them. Many new owners LOVE when their cute little puppies jump all over them giving lots of kisses. It is an adorable behavior from a little pile of fluff but might not be as enjoyable when they are 40 – 120 pound adults! I often say, “…practice makes a habit!” They quickly find out what behaviors you allow them to do and often continue to do them if they get some satisfaction out of it. Let’s make sure we are giving big positive feedback when they are doing things we like and in the beginning, downplay the things we don’t like. It’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of making play time also great training times! As far as how old your puppy should be before training in a class setting, as long as they have their vaccinations, I have had pups as young as 9-10 weeks old start. Always follow the recommendations of your veterinarian since instructions may vary depending on where you live.

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